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Commissioned by Polar Media, Ripple Effects director Justin Hall records the launch of the largest man made structure in the world; a seven kilometers long pipeline and tow head being dragged into position off the wild Scottish coastline.

Justin Comments: getting to grips with objects on this scale presents a special kind of creative challenge. How do you make pipework look sexy?  Working with hundreds of tons of liquid nitrogen under pressure isn’t my favorite environment either but the sheer scale of the task being undertaken hear is extraordinary. Commanding a team of 200 men, the launch site controllers ushered BP’s new supply line into the frozen ocean. The images captured for Polar Media will form part of their highly complex interactive project that recreates every detail of every component.

The film side charted the physical launch process. By shooting on a Canon EOS 5DMK2 and armed with an array of hi-end lenses (we love the EF  100-400mm L IS UM) Justin was able capture the action in exquisite detail.   The real complexity emerged when detailing the structures. Shooting over 5000 images Justin painstakingly mapped out a asset strategy for the digital build, compiling the images in a folder structure ready for Polars’ teams.  Justin Comments: “Its an astonishing project, I was proud to have been selected for the challenge by the extremly creative guys at Polar Media. As a very strong agency with many high profile clients, their work requires the highest standards so again it was great to be trusted and left alone to get on with the it”.



About the author

National Geographic correspondent for the 2016, globally distributed, prime-time series of EXPLORER, Justin Hall is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, broadcaster and journalist. He is also a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Geographical Society, specializing in hi-tech digital storytelling technologies. In the course of reporting on issues across the board from illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, gold mining, cocaine production, child slavery, piracy on the high seas and more, Justin has covered a lot of ground: From helicopter raids on cocaine factories in Bolivia to tracking down arms dealers in Moscow, he’s hitchhiked a ride on a rusty Russian jetfighter and was one of the first to use tech to champion the rights of tribal peoples back in 2000. His passion for environmental, cultural and tribal issues was cultivated through his early work with Academy Award-nominated anthropologist and filmmaker Jean Pierre Dutilleux on the series ‘Tribal Journeys’. An avid storyteller in all its forms, Justin continues to crisscross the globe, with recent investigations taking him to Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Belize, Borneo, Somalia, Colombia, Congo DRC and three visits to Libya. Armed with a smile and nothing but good intentions, Hall is not your standard correspondent.
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