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ADVANCED INTERACTIVE EXPEDITION FILM MAKING AND TECHNOLOGIES: A few years ago back in 2008 i decided it was time to think big and put together some of the interactive concepts and thinking that running man had inspired. Working with the fantastic Mr Wayne Young (the producer of Croc Dundee)  I embarked on a mad cap, passion driven journey to raise £10 million for a truly ambitious highly interactive, global adventure. Nokia where first to jump in with a sizable development fund. It almost worked… but for the timing. The promo for  ‘Around the World in 80WAYS’… sits below, it remains a project with amazing change making potential. that consolidated much of my thinking back then. If just I could find another brand or TV channel as bold as Nokia, I be out there saving the world… or at  the very least exploring it while delivering content in a wholly new and engaging way. Ill be posting some background details in the coming days.. If you watch the 2nd video (slide show style) you’ll get a glimpse of some of the 3D immerse arenas i envisioned and a sneak peak at the array of expedition tech that could have support us…


How It All started:

In 2000, exploring the potential of new media. I led a three-month expedition through the Amazon jungles of Suriname. With my focus firmly on the issues affecting habitat, resource, nature and people, I charted a journey through the tribal heartlands of eight forest communities.

Armed with a smile and good intention, and weighed down by almost 700 kilos of hi-tech kit: military laptops, solar panels and satellite communicators, I set about applying modern tools at a grass roots level, offering the remote tribes of the interior a digital platform from which to voice their hopes and fears. Via satellite, I relayed their stories directly from source, initiating discussions between like-minded groups and NGOs, in the hope that I could raise awareness of the issues affecting the region.
Throughout the 90 days of incredible encounters, the expedition captured a rich, interactive mosaic of cultures and issues. But more than this, to me, it proved beyond a doubt that technology can and should be used to engage, inform and empower. With the web then in its infancy (pre Google and Blogs), an astounding 1.4 million joined me online; collectively people spent tens of thousands of hours reviewing my work, digging deeper into information, learning of issues and in some cases even taking an active role.

The most astonishing example of this, a truly pivotal moment in my life, occurred late one night during a tropical thunderstorm. Alone, huddled around a rugged laptop, I scanned the lightning-streaked skies as I set up my satellite. I had entered into the frontier world of gold mining territory and had spent the previous day reporting on the processes involved and problems faced by local tribes. Thousands of miles away in New York, a little girl had been following our story. Calling her father, she shared her concerns for the tribe. I didn’t feel the lash of wind nor the rain as I read the email. For there onscreen, and copied to Suriname’s Ministry of Natural Resources, was a communique formally relinquishing ownership of 100,000 hectares of forest! It turned out that  little girl’s father was in fact Henk Narrandorp, the owner of the largest concession in the region – and the focus of my work.

The story and its ultimate outcome is more complex than can be told here, but in the simplest sense it was a powerful and clear  indication that technology can and should be used to change things where change is needed. It was this experience that has driven me across the years and through a thousand meetings, pitching my heart to those who might recognize, fund or further my projects objectives. My hope of building a collaborative framework that hosts multiple Interactive solution-seeking expeditions, focused on global environmental and cultural issues, change-makers and inspiring initiatives, finally found support in the form of phone giant NOKIA.

CURRENT POSITION: I created this promo to summaries the projects ethos and aims 7 years ago, it should have been released around the same date but sadly and this is a stinger, global economic meltdown of banks and funding pulled the carpet from underneath me… stalling the grand plan of 4 simultaneous expeditions: Knowing there is always a way forward, and not to be undone, I scaled down the project and planned a single expedition entitled PIRATES TRIBES & VOLCANOES. It’s a truly incredible story covering multiple issues and encounters across a 3 months extreme expedition. It might not be the all singing all dancing version I’d dreamt of, but small steps in the right direction, ultimately lead to where your heart would have you go…

One Good Thing: The site for the project was built thanks to Nokia’s support…  it’s a beautiful and powerful storytelling interface that i have entitled ‘STORYWAVE‘ Its a slickly rendered platform that can host  innumerable adventures/expeditions/stories one  with a hi-tech mission control for all to explore one designed from the ground up to ‘engage inform & empower’ viewers as journeys unfold. Ive used the positive outcome of my first Runningman expedition as an example  of the systems potential.


Here another old promo from the project.

If you’re intrigued and want to know more or are looking for someone whos passion is expedition storytelling and hi tech adventures then please give me a call.

Justin +44 (0)7950 104136, or  email through the site or



About the author

National Geographic correspondent for the 2016, globally distributed, prime-time series of EXPLORER, Justin Hall is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, broadcaster and journalist. He is also a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Geographical Society, specializing in hi-tech digital storytelling technologies. In the course of reporting on issues across the board from illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, gold mining, cocaine production, child slavery, piracy on the high seas and more, Justin has covered a lot of ground: From helicopter raids on cocaine factories in Bolivia to tracking down arms dealers in Moscow, he’s hitchhiked a ride on a rusty Russian jetfighter and was one of the first to use tech to champion the rights of tribal peoples back in 2000. His passion for environmental, cultural and tribal issues was cultivated through his early work with Academy Award-nominated anthropologist and filmmaker Jean Pierre Dutilleux on the series ‘Tribal Journeys’. An avid storyteller in all its forms, Justin continues to crisscross the globe, with recent investigations taking him to Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Belize, Borneo, Somalia, Colombia, Congo DRC and three visits to Libya. Armed with a smile and nothing but good intentions, Hall is not your standard correspondent.

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