MERCENARIES with Justin Hall (Discovery Ch New Series)

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A NEW  DISCOVERY CHANNEL SERIES: (SIX ONE HOUR) Produced by Eye line Entertainment Ltd (Exec Producer Duncan Napier-Bell):

2012 WAS A YEAR TO REMEMBER (Justin Hall). What with RED BULL’s  ‘SNOW LEOPARD PROJECT‘ in the mountains of Tajikistan & Afghanistan, a hush hush mission to Saudi Arabia,  the Jungles of Borneo and Malaysia and a few missions for Russian millionaires  on  super yachts cruising the Med!  Yep.. an incredible year. But as  it drew to a close the biggest surprise was still in store.

JUSTIN HALL to PRESENT NEW DISCOVERY SERIES: Having worked with  Discovery as a presenter some years ago and knowing well the guys at Eye Line Entertainment, out of the blue the team approached me to present a new major series. Entitled MERCENARIES, adventure seemed on the cards; a perfect combination of rugged travel to little known and pressured environments, hard targets and tricky story-lines… of course I said ” YEEEEESSSSS!”


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All in a days work!

I can’t give to much away as I’m  in the middle of production but a few pics can’t hurt, Russia, Libya, Djibouti and the Somalian coastline so far, with a few more adventures ahead in the coming weeks.

With a narrative spanning the globe, my task across these last 3 months has been to find the guys on the ground whilst  navigating seriously tricky arenas with a smile. It’s a two man crew set up, so just me and a cameraman, ‘balls-to-the-wall’ film making just the way I like it. Armed with covert cams, XF100/300 and 5Dmk3, we’ve been given limited time, few permits and had to make contacts on the ground at high speed.  It’s all part of the plan and tension of the series. My ‘in-country’ contribution to the show offers around 15-18 minutes of each hour. Given the encounters so far and those to come, I cant wait to see what the director Stanley Mc Hail makes of it.



I just got back from Djibouti last week  where I was trying to track down pirates and the new breed of Maritime Mercenaries.   To give you an idea of the pressure, our fixer got kidnapped, blindfolded and interrogated for a few hours…. it was a close call,  a heart pounding, wild west frontier challenge that should  make for some great TV. More than anything the experience has reminded me that I’m never more alive than when doing this kind of stuff…

life’s adventure… arh ya gotta love it.


WATCH THIS:  SEQUENCE (V BASIC ASSEMBLY 6 min): Sneaking onto a Soviet Airbase:

DJIBOUTI SEQUENCE 2. A few more scenes and interviews: Heading out on the water..

Sneak Peek Pics:  The series delivers  next month and will  likely air sometime around Sep 2013

Wish me luck…


About the author

National Geographic correspondent for the 2016, globally distributed, prime-time series of EXPLORER, Justin Hall is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, broadcaster and journalist. He is also a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Geographical Society, specializing in hi-tech digital storytelling technologies. In the course of reporting on issues across the board from illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, gold mining, cocaine production, child slavery, piracy on the high seas and more, Justin has covered a lot of ground: From helicopter raids on cocaine factories in Bolivia to tracking down arms dealers in Moscow, he’s hitchhiked a ride on a rusty Russian jetfighter and was one of the first to use tech to champion the rights of tribal peoples back in 2000. His passion for environmental, cultural and tribal issues was cultivated through his early work with Academy Award-nominated anthropologist and filmmaker Jean Pierre Dutilleux on the series ‘Tribal Journeys’. An avid storyteller in all its forms, Justin continues to crisscross the globe, with recent investigations taking him to Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Belize, Borneo, Somalia, Colombia, Congo DRC and three visits to Libya. Armed with a smile and nothing but good intentions, Hall is not your standard correspondent.
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