Does this resonate with you?

You’re tired of playing small and are aching for something more.

You’re ready to stop spinning your wheels, create major traction and blow the top off of your revenue.

You want to smile and laugh more and stop letting thoughts about work invade your personal life.

You’re ready to strengthen your business acumen and more than anything else, you want the freedom that comes from immeasurable financial success.

Our mission in life is to help you do all of these things … and more.

The women we work with live to serve the world in a beautiful way.

When they come to us, they’re not bringing in the income they know they’re capable of making. They’re feeling burned out, overwhelmed and frustrated and instead of working less, they’re putting in more hours.

And when they’re with their families, they’re disconnected and their mind is on business.

At one time, they were right where you are … believing that time and persistence will fix the problems … but also realizing that if the code isn’t cracked, the most important things (health, relationships, business) will continue to deteriorate.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Shift and Scale Without Struggle, Sacrifice and Burnout

You go above and beyond for your clients …

… but you’re stuck on the hamster wheel and are carrying all of the burden. You’ve tried to figure out what to do to scale your business without sacrificing your life in the process. But everything you try adds to your workload. It’s pushing you to the brink.

We can help.

Most strategies taught today are bits and pieces that don’t provide the comprehensive, yet simple action steps to illicit effective change and create results. Most of them are the exact opposite of what actually works. Even worse, they’re being taught by people who have never scaled a business.


Ripple Effect is different.

Based on our personal experiences, we give women coaches and service professionals the tools and techniques to crush their income goals, escape burnout and regain their vitality through strategies that no one else is teaching. And, we give them the mindset support that is critical to taking inspired action and creating amazing transformations in their lives.

Welcome to Ripple Effect.

All the best,

Jackie Jorden